Our restaurants are the perfect combination of the fine food of rural pig slaughters and modern fast food restaurants. The always fresh delicious meals and sausages smuggle a little rural gastronomy into the hustle and bustle of Budapest. Both of our locations are in the heart of the city.

At our restaurants you can find the classic bratwurst, the liver sausage and the blood sausage the same way you can find like a dozen sorts of marinated meat, grill chicken, roast pork and we could go on. (We actually go on in our food & drinks section.)

In our restaurants – traditionally– you order at the counter. First you choose the meat, then a side dish, salad, pickles, etc. and the feast can start.

Besides our permanent selection you should check the daily offer in the restaurants.

Our philosophy

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,
if one has not dined well.”
Virginia Woolf

We believe that good food can only be made from good ingredients, therefore their quality is our first priority – be it the frying oil, the meat or the fresh vegetables. It is important for us that our guests leave satisfied and even more important, that they choose us again. We review our restaurants’ permanent menu regularly and improve the recipes, so we can ensure good taste and freshness.

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