What you need to know, if this is your first time at Belvárosi Disznótoros

  • We are a self-service restaurant – mainly with high tables. In accordance to this, we don’t take reservations. Feel free to walk in though. You’ll find a place for sure.
  • On weekdays we have lots of customers between 12.00PM and 2.00PM. The first time it’s worth to visit us in the afternoon or evening, so you can take your time and choose from the many dishes we offer. (Menu)
  • Well-mannered dogs are welcome, we also have 4-legged regulars amongst our guests.
  • We have a street terrace at Károlyi street, while at the Király street shop this is unfortunately not possible.
  • Parking is possible on the surrounding streets and parking garages.
  • All Hungarian dining vouchers are accepted.
  • We accept credit cards.